The Sellouts: A show about the Nebraska Cornhuskers

Huskers Back in Lincoln, State of the Program & Iowa Insight with Scott Dochterman

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Episode notes

Mitch and Max return to the podcast to discuss the return of the Nebraska football team to Lincoln (2:00). What health measures are being installed to reduce the risk of players contracting the Coronavirus? Are the pitfalls too great to attempt to accommodate fans (8:30), and what changes could be proposed that would alter on-campus living (10:00)? M&M describe Nebraska's 'State of the Program' and key in on the Huskers receiving corps, in particular (12:30). Plus, Max broaches Nebraska's transfer situation as another scholarship player leaves the program (18:30). The Athletic's Iowa Hawkeyes reporter Scott Dochterman then joins the program (21:15). He enlightens the guys on Iowa's current status as well as why players are signing a pledge, the University's financial obstacles (25:00), expectations for the program and Scott's personal experience with the pandemic (31:00).

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