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Ep 38 | Honing Your Decision-Making Muscle, featuring Meena Ruchi

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Episode notes

In this live recording of The Soul Urge Podcast, I interview Meena Ruchi, Akashic Records Reader and meditation instructor. We explore how to make aligned decisions through the states of calmness, clarity, and stillness rather than hustle and busy-ness. If you've been feeling uninspired or discontented in your life or business, but haven't been able to put your finger on why, tune into this episode to learn how to connect to your soul's inner wisdom for guidance and realign with your purpose.


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Meena Ruchi is an Akashic Records Reader and meditation instructor. 

She loves helping people who feel stuck or uninspired by life connect with their purpose, so they can cultivate clarity and contentment. After spending over a decade seeking her own purpose, and finally finding it through the Akashic Records, she finds great joy in bringing this magical perspective to others, helping them to find greater clarity and meaning in their own lives. 

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🌟 Instagram: @meenaruchimagic

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