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Ep 35 | Using Numerology to make Business Decisions, featuring Sue Coffin

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Episode notes

In this episode of The Soul Urge Podcast, we explore the use of numerology in the world of business. Numerology is the study of the symbolism and significance of numbers, and many successful business owners and entrepreneurs swear by its effectiveness in helping them make important decisions. In this episode, we speak with numerologist, Sue Coffin, and she offers advice on using numerology to help determine the best time to launch a product, choose a business name, and even, predict potential pitfalls. Tune in to learn more about the power of numerology in business.


As a young child, Sue experienced many psychic phenomena, which piqued her curiosity about the unknown. Metaphysical studies became very important to her, and it turned into a life-long path. During her spiritual journey and personal growth work, she had a Numerology reading that astounded her, in terms of the volume of accurate information derived just through her birth name and birth date. She's been hooked ever since. She has studied the courses Advanced Numerology, Beyond Advanced Numerology, and Compatibility Reading. She's expanded her knowledge by studying with Numerologist Jane Alton, one of the top Numerologists in the UK.

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