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Ep 39 | Creating Authentic and Aligned Instagram Content, Featuring Mishelle Thorpe

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Episode notes

In this live video recording of The Soul Urge Podcast, I interview Mishelle Thorpe, Instagram coach, who helps women solo-preneurs become client-getting experts by mastering Instagram. In this conversation, we discuss how to be successful on Instagram without chasing algorithms, following the same trends as everyone else, or spending hours in your newsfeed. Mishelle offers an arsenal of tools, tips, and strategies that are easy to implement without overwhelm or confusion.


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Mishelle is the Instagram Coach for Coaches. She has built two successful businesses of her own with over 90% of her paying clients coming from Instagram. Mishelle has helped hundreds of service-based solopreneurs become client-getting machines by mastering Instagram with authenticity and without dancing, daily posts or dropping money on ads.

To connect with Mishelle, check out these links:

🌟 Website:
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