The Story of Woman

The First Chapter: a year in review and what's to come next

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Episode notes

In this rare solo episode, I reflect on the close of the first chapter of the podcast - it’s been just under one year! I also talk about what’s to come in 2023.

Some things I discuss include:

  1. The joy and pride I feel celebrating the first year of the podcast
  2. How unbelievably grateful I am to all of you for being a part of this journey!
  3. The (gasp!) ambition I have for the future of this podcast and community
  4. What’s coming in 2023 - including a special series to be released in March
  5. How you can support the podcast to help me put out more and better content - and which is essentially buying stock in the future of womankind ; )
  6. A compilation of sound bites from all the episodes this year (which starts at 17:50 in case you’d just like to listen to that!)

And more!

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  • What were you favorite episode(s)?
  • What “aha” moment(s) have stuck with you?
  • Suggested book(s), topic(s), interviewee(s)?
  • Questions about you, fellow storyteller! (This helps me understand who I'm talking to, and make improvements accordingly.)

All questions are optional and will result in my eternal gratitude 😊

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