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#029 Carolina Gutierrez: Prioritizing Mental Awareness Amongst Founders

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Carolina is a serial entrepreneur that prioritizes and advocates for mental wellness in business. She speaks on and delivers solutions that contribute to the peace and well-being of entrepreneurs. Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart. Nothing properly prepares you for the ups and downs entrepreneurship brings. 72% of entrepreneurs suffer directly or indirectly from mental health challenges. 💣 They have a 3-4X higher likely hood of suicide than the general population. 💣 62% report feeling depressed at least once per week. So why isn’t this spoken about more? Where are the warnings before embarking on this journey? We actively look for help in all other aspects of our business except to address the emotional and social toll it has on our lives. This needs to change today. Carolina and i speak on the issue of mental wellness amongst entrepreneurs, she spoke about how there is a lot of burnout amongst founders and what we can do to find a balance. How founders can also find the balance between drive and passion and the people they work it. We speak about how men need to speak up and find some help when they notice them slipping. Carolina can be reached here: