The Switch by Ife Taiwo

#32 Zakiya Akerele: Re-strategizing your Education and Career

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Episode notes

In this episode, i spoke to Zakiya on how to pivot to a career and how you can make the most of your education. She shared her personal experience of coming from a family of educators amidst other things.

Dr. Zakiya Akerele is an educator, author, and speaker who found an early passion in academic pursuits hoping to use them to improve herself and the world around her.She sought higher education with full force, obtaining degrees from Florida A&M University (B.A.), Columbia University (Ed.M.), and Fordham University(M.A. and Ph.D.) in International Education, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.

n entrepreneur and globetrotter, Zakiya loves travelling while working remotely on her own terms and currently resides near Atlanta, GA, with her husband and two children.

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