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Spring DOMS, Mammoth Trail fest & Cheap Shoes

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Episode notes

Corrine and Buzz chat about spring training, how to think about tune-up races, and everything you need to know about that familiar heavy muscle feeling you get after a big effort, known as delayed onset muscle soreness.

Corrine talks to Mammoth Trailfest Race Director Tim Tollefson about his journey with body dysmorphia and building community with The Mammoth Trailfest. Mammoth Trailfest offers a series of challenging distances on some of the most beautiful trails in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. Tim built the race on his favorite routes and carefully designed it to not only be hard but also incredibly satisfying.

You can find out more about the race at and @mammothtrailfest on Instagram.

Then Buzz answers questions from callers, including our very own podcast producer Tina, who is preparing to take on the challenging uphill Loon Mountain Race this summer and as a road runner, is looking for tips to prepare for the uphill.

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