The Trailhead

The Joy of Midwest Trail Running & Questions from Semi-Rad

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Episode notes

We’re back! Welcome to Season 3 of The Trailhead. Buzz and Corrine come clean for 2024. There were lots of surprises at the end of 2023.

Corrine speaks with Michele Hartwig of Ornery Mule Racing about the joys of Midwest trail running. Get all the info about Ornery Mule Racing at

Buzz answers Semi-Rad’s, Brendan Leonard, most pressing questions. You can see all Brendan’s monthly drawings for UltraSignup on and the rest of his work on his website:

This episode is brought to you by the Devil's Gulch Race in Washington State, happening on July 13-14th, 2024. The first 50 registrants snag a free pair of Darn Tough Socks! New for 2024: $1000 in prize money, equally distributed among all 1st place finishers across male, female, and non-binary categories. Devil's Gulch offers three epic distances: a half-marathon, 50 Miler, and a formidable 100 Miler. Brace yourself for a course featuring hot, dry high desert, intense gulches, and massive rock hoodoos. The 100 Miler is a true test of endurance with plenty of vert and heat which is why each finisher gets a homemade belt buckle. The 50 Miler? It's half the crazy. And for those seeking a more balanced challenge, there's the half-marathon. Choose your adventure at Devil's Gulch this July and make it a race to remember! Get all the info here: