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Community Racing, and the low down on run coaching with CTS’s Jason Koop

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Episode notes

Race season is upon us, and Buzz and Corrine chat about how races are the cornerstone of the trail running community and they touch on some of the “closer to home” races they plan to be at this year. Let us know where you are racing this year at [email protected] or @ultrasignup on Instagram.

Corrine talks with CTS coach Jason Koop about how to find and get the most out of a trail running coach. Jason has been around the sport for a long time, as an athlete and a coach for every level of runner. Jason touches on two important factors that make runners “most coachable.” Find out more about coaching with CTS.

Buzz answers Sidhar’s questions about stretching. Bruce won his first 50k and is looking for entry advice into some bigger races.

This episode we’re partnering with LMNT. As we hit the trails, from the seasoned ultrarunner to the weekend warrior, one thing we all need to nail is hydration. But I'm not just talking about water. Enter LMNT. It is our go-to electrolyte powerhouse. Why LMNT? Because it ditches all that dodgy stuff – no sugar, no artificial nonsense. Just the electrolytes your body can use to help ward off cramps, fatigue, and even that brain fog you might hit mid-run.

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