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Lululemon’s FURTHER, rising star Anna Gibson and Sleep vs. Eating

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Episode notes

Corrine and Buzz talk about the FURTHER ultra event last week in Palm Springs, records shattered by Camille Herron and how the event sought to push scientific understanding of female performance further. Plus, this event really hearkens back to the origins of ultra running – the 6-day race.

Corrine interviews multisport athlete and rising track and trail running star Anna Gibson. Anna talks about growing up running trails, the learning curve of elite racing in two disciplines, and how cross training keeps her both happy and well-trained. You can follow Anna on Strava  and on Instagram @annagibsonn.

Buzz hears from callers, first Bobby asks about what it takes to finish a hundred miler and Buzz lets him know it’s about more than training. Then Carl asks how to prepare with an extra early race day start.

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