The Unfair Fight

017: Top Gun and National Security with Admiral Winnefeld

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Episode notes

This week, The Unfair Fight welcomes Admiral James “Sandy” Winnefeld. Admiral Winnefeld is a retired United States Navy admiral, now serving as the chair of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board since May of this year. He shares stories with Blackpoint CEO, Jon Murchison, about his time at the Navy Fight Weapons School while a student, then instructor during the filming of the 1986 blockbuster, Top Gun; and his career as an F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot. Admiral Winnefeld went on to captain of the USS Enterprise, stationed in the Middle East during 9/11. He and Jon also discuss nation-state capabilities in terms of cyberattacks, U.S. defensive and offensive military capabilities, the current state of the Russia-Ukraine war, and national security operations. Lastly, tune in to this interview to hear about the implications of supply chain disruptions in the wake of COVID-19.