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How can artists use an auction platform to sell work directly from their studio? Is there a particular type of work that appeals to those buying at auction? What is the importance of reserve prices? How do estimates help maintain the value of the artwork? How can artists build a network of buyers via an auction platform? What does the term ‘emerging artist’ mean? Can artists sell successfully to global audiences online?

I spoke to Tom Best, founder of The Auction Collective, about the many exciting opportunities for artists to sell work directly from their studio via auction. Tom is a former Christie's auctioneer and Contemporary Art Specialist - a self-professed “huge auction nerd”. Following a Masters degree in Art History from St Andrew's University, Tom spent six years at Christie's London as an auctioneer, and two years in humanitarian aid before combining these twin passions for art and social good in The Auction Collective.

The organisation describes itself as ‘the auction platform for artists, arts organisations and charities’. As Tom explains in our conversation, it is uniquely positioned to serve practicing artists - particularly through its Studio Sale and 50 x 50 auctions. I know many artists who have sold work through the platform - so it was fascinating to hear more about the organisation’s story, ethos and plans for the future from Tom himself.

The Auction Collective is constantly evolving and adapting to be the best possible platform for artists. For more advice and information on running an auction contact Tom directly at [email protected] or follow The Auction Collective on Instagram (@theauctioncollective) and LinkedIn.

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