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Dawn Beckles: Mixed Media Painter; London

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How can you challenge yourself as a painter? Why is it important to avoid adapting your style specifically to appeal to buyers? Do artists need to have a ‘target audience’ in mind? What is it like selling your work in person? Why are open studio events valuable for artists? Are there any rules in painting that should be followed - or ignored? What is it like painting live on television? What are the tips and tricks when transporting your artworks overseas? How are the audiences different in London, Brooklyn and LA? What is it like to have your work in the Soho House collection?

Dawn Beckles is not afraid to be bold in her paintings. She transforms the traditional still life form by placing it in contemporary settings and using bright, sometimes neon, colours. In this conversation, we discuss her confident approach to her work: how she is not afraid to break rules when it comes to colour and why she believes it is important not to create work specifically to appeal to buyers.

Dawn has had plenty of experience successfully selling her work in person as she has participated in London, Brooklyn and LA editions of The Other Art Fair. She talks candidly about transporting her work overseas and the reaction from these international audiences to her work.

We also discuss her participation in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year television series and why by taking a risk on the show proved to be such a valuable exercise for her painting practice.

Dawn’s work has been long-listed for the BP Portrait Award, featured in the Soho House collection and exhibited in the recent Hospital Rooms annual auction at Hauser & Wirth, London.

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