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Cecilia Charlton: Textile, Installation, Abstract Artist; London

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Do artists need to define themselves in a particular way? What opportunities are available for textile artists? What is it like to work across craft and fine art? What makes a successful residency programme? How can leading interactive workshops be a useful tool for textile artists? Why are competitions so valuable for artists wishing to experiment and evolve? What does a positive gallery relationship look like?

I first came across the work of Cecilia Charlton at Collect Art Fair and loved her ambitious textile works. Her instagram account is a wonderful door into the world of textiles - Cecilia shares process videos, images of historical weaving drafts and details of different techniques.

Cecilia describes her work as ‘fibre-based investigations into abstraction, form and colour with a grounding in personal experience’. I had so many questions about her journey as a textile artist - and absolutely loved spending a morning in her home studio in Brockley. 

Cecilia has carved an impressive path in the world of craft, fine art and design. She has exhibited in the UK and internationally; her recent exhibitions include: Mammoth Loop, SPACE Ilford, 2021 (solo); Aurora, Candida Stevens Gallery, 2020 (solo); Parade, curated by Kris Day, Broadway Gallery, UK, 2019; SURGE: The Eastwing Biennial, Courtauld Institute, London, 2018; Rogue Objects, curated by spaceship, University College London, London, 2018. Some awards include the Jerwood Makers Open Award in 2021; Fulbright UK Scholarship in 2015 (shortlisted), and the Ellen Battel Stockel Fellowship as part of the Yale University Norfolk Residency in 2014.



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