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Ocki Magill, Blue Shop Cottage

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ART WORLD SPECIAL: How can an emerging artist approach a gallery? How does Blue Shop Cottage live up to its mantra of ‘Help Artists Grow’? What is it like ‘behind the scenes’ at the gallery? Why is documenting your work as an artist so important? How can great design build the story of an artist?

I spent a wonderful morning in the beautiful Blue Shop Cottage drinking tea and chatting to Founder Ocki Magill about the gallery's mantra of ‘Help Artists Grow’. Combining her passion for art and design with a genuine determination to support creative talent (all topped off with an incredible sense of fun), Ocki supports early career artists in many ways: hosting exhibitions in the gallery, running international residencies, shooting ‘in-process’ videos, and using her design background to develop unique identities for each artist.

Also mentioned in our conversation:

Beautiful Losers (2008):

PADA Residency:

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