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Vincent Uribe: Artist, Curator, Gallery Owner

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How can you create a thriving volunteer artist-led exhibition space? Why is collaboration with other artists so important? How can artists approach emerging curators? What is it like to break into a contemporary art scene in a new city? What is ‘other’ art and should this label be used?

Vincent Uribe describes himself as an artist and creative community builder. He is the Founding Director of LVL3, an artist-run exhibition space and online publication, and the Director of Exhibitions and External Relations at non-profit Arts of Life. Through these roles, Vincent works with hundreds of artists, sourcing new talent for the gallery and creating innovative showcasing opportunities for artists with disabilities.

Alongside hard work and a strong vision for each of his projects, Vincent’s success is due to his open, collaborative approach - an approach that is unusual in the art world - and this has served him well over the past ten years. We discuss his journey since graduating from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, his experience of launching and maintaining the volunteer-run gallery for over a decade, and how he sees his own artistic practice in relation to his curatorial work.

For any artist considering opening their own space or wishing to collaborate with others, this is the episode for you. I hope you enjoy it.



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