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Laxmi Hussain: Painter, London

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How can artists use their art to tell stories and process their own experiences? How does it feel to create deeply personal work and then see it exhibited in public spaces? How can you foster a strong relationship with an agent whilst taking on independent projects? What is it like balancing motherhood with a full-time artist career? Why it is important that art is accessible? What are the challenges of working with products with less impact on the environment?

I loved chatting to Laxmi Hussain in her Wembley studio, just a stones throw from one of her most ambitious public art projects. Just as her work is intensely personal - both in terms of subject matter and her use of the colour blue - Laxmi was very open about her life as an artist and mother.

Painting the female form in her distinctive blue, Laxmi’s work is celebrated across the art and design world. She is represented by Partnership Editions and her client list include the Royal Academy of the Arts, Lick, Vans, Derwent Art and many more.

We discuss her experience of working with an agent and online gallery - how she fosters this relationship whilst maintaining her own independent projects and thriving social media presence - how she balances motherhood with a full-time artist career; and her approach to large-scale public art commissions.



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