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Marianne Hendriks

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What can an artist do to get their work featured in publications like Vogue and The New York Times? How can an emerging artist present their work as professionally as possible? Will creating limited edition prints devalue original paintings? Is it worth working with curators and art consultants?

I chatted to Marianne Hendriks about her incredibly professional (and meticulous!) approach to managing her professional career: we discussed the importance of digitalising and documenting work; how to be prepared for last-minute image requests from magazines (hello Vogue and The New York Times); why she chooses to work with curators on client commissions; and much more.

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Hosted and produced by Sophie Loxton Lucas, The Visible Artist podcast features individual artists and their paths to success within the creative world. Alongside conversations with an array of practicing artists, Sophie chats to key art world protagonists about their experiences of working with artists. The Visible Artist podcast is a must-listen for any artists looking to make their mark in today’s art world. 

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