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Zanny Mellor: Painting, Photography, Collage, Installation Art

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Why is experimentation and risk important in developing an artist’s practice? How can artists find inspiration beyond their studio? What is it like sharing a studio with another artist? How can you balance your painting practice with commercial commissions? What are the challenges of curating a group show with over twenty artists? How does embarking on a Masters in Fine Art lead to new creative directions?

I have known Zanny for many years and have followed her artistic progression with great interest. Her work is constantly evolving and responding to her environment; whether she is working on an intimate scale at the kitchen table during lockdown or donning her hiking boots to photograph the vast Patagonian landscapes, Zanny soaks up her surroundings and then reflects them back in her work. With a portfolio spanning abstract painting, photography, collage and installation, Zanny varies her approach to creating work - sometimes using energetic gestural movements, sometimes enjoying a slower process of building up layers.

Just as she enjoys experimentation in her practice, Zanny is adventurous when it comes to creating opportunities. We discuss the launch of her showcasing collaboration, The Breath Project; her journey from an Illustration degree to commercial work and then back to a Masters in Fine Art; and explore her involvement with the platform Glassette and how she feels about placing her work in the world of interiors.

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