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S3 Ep1: Can migration drive development? With Professor Heaven Crawley

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Episode notes

Professor Heaven Crawley has spent the past few decades leading the research on migration at some of the world’s top universities. 

She joins host Will Hutton to dispel the myths about the 3.5% of the world’s population who are on the move. While migration might seem like a problem that only concerns the Global North, it certainly isn’t. Most people escaping famine, inequality or war settle in neighbouring countries. 

And in this episode, Professor Crawley sets out her solutions to the ongoing migrant crisis that continues to dominate the world’s headlines. 

Professor Crawley is head of Equitable Development and Migration at the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research in New York and is the Director of the South-South Migration, Inequality and Development Hub (MIDEQ), a project supported by the UK Government. 

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