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S3 Ep3: Can sport change the wellbeing of the nation? With Professor Louise Mansfield

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Episode notes

Professor Louise Mansfield has dedicated her working career to improving the physical and mental health of the nation through her research on sport and exercise.

She tells host Will Hutton how sport engagement is a microcosm of society by reflecting existing inequalities. They delve into issues around gender stereotypes, class, and access to facilities in this fascinating conversation along with an exploration of the London 2012 Olympic legacy. 

They talk about how her recent research in Hounslow, London could lead to positive change in the rest of the UK. 

Professor Mansfield is Professor of Sport, Health and Social Sciences and Research Lead for Welfare, Health and Wellbeing in the Institute of Environment, Health and Societies at Brunel University. She is interested in partnership and community approaches in sport and physical activity and how it all links to issues of health, wellbeing, inequality and diversity.

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