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S3 Ep2: Housing for living, not investment with Polly Neate

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Episode notes

Polly Neate is the CEO of Shelter, a charity which champions housing and tenant rights in Britain. 

She joins Will Hutton in a conversation that touches on the critical need for more social housing, the spiralling number of rough sleepers, the need for a radical rethink in landownership practices, and how we perceive housing in the UK. 

She brings us solutions that could see an end to 120,000 Children waking up homeless every day. 

Before her role at Shelter, Polly Neate headed the women’s domestic charity Women’s Aid. She isn’t afraid to take the Government to task when she thinks social justice is at risk and the evidence backs up her thinking. 

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Hosted by journalist and Academy President Will Hutton, we interview some of Britain’s top social scientists to explore their solutions to society’s most pressing problems.   

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