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This week’s guests are Sue Stockdale, a polar explorer and coach, champions stepping into the unknown. Her empowering message motivates leaders to conquer fears and uncertainties. From working in a war zone with the UN to becoming the first British woman to reach the Magnetic North Pole, Sue embodies resilience. With an MBA, MSc, and coaching certifications, she's coached thousands of leaders, including FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 executives. As an author of 9 books and host of the "Access to Inspiration" podcast, she shares her wisdom, showing leaders how to thrive in uncertainty.


Caitlin Drago’s mission is to create cultures of empathy, creativity, and trust, beginning with how people communicate and connect. She is an LA-based actor turned upstate NY-based certified leadership coach, trainer, and facilitator. Acting taught her to be present, self-aware, empathetic and to prioritize connection with others. Improv taught her to listen, trust her gut and deal with the unexpected in a positive and creative way. She now works with leaders and teams to help them to listen to one another, communicate and connect, using improvisation as a platform for interactive learning. She spent her 20s studying improv at places like the nationally accredited Upright Citizen’s Brigade and has spent the last ten years working with leaders and their teams. She’s been featured in Medium’s Authority Magazine and has spoken at a variety of conferences, including the Talent Development Think Tank, the International TWA Conference and DisruptHR Rochester and will be releasing her first book this November!



Instagram: inspire_improv




Rachel Wood is a Learning Business Partner with a large technology consultancy and delivery organisation. Advocate and explorer of all things learning, Rachel thrives on connecting business with the learning industry in creative and impactful ways. Always curious about new experiences, her background covers everything from facilitation through VR learning project management and design to learning strategy, most recently focusing on being a support for senior business stakeholders in the private sector.

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