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How To Increase Creativity in the Workplace (With Tips)


This week’s guests are Beth Slazak.  She holds a BA from the University of Buffalo in History and Dance, a Certification in Education from Buffalo State University, a Masters of Science in Creative Studies from Buffalo State University, an MBA from D’Youville University, and she has completed a three-year Certified Humor Professional program. She has spent time at every level of the education world, from elementary schools to colleges, instructing minds in the tools and techniques of innovation, problem solving and deliberate creativity. Beth has led many Creative Problem Solving workshops, providing professional development skills to people in Canada, Mexico, Italy, and the US.

Fran Harrison lives in Wiltshire, UK, and is Learning Technologies Strategist for the QA Group of Companies.

A qualified teacher with a career spanning teaching, strategic and advisory work from early years up  to postgraduate level and now private sector, as well as various charity roles, Fran specialises in digital learning strategy, inclusion by design in learning, Generative AI, and educational technology implementation.A creative problem-solver and a keen advocate for use of narrative structure in learning, Fran recently co-presented a creative workshop on Universal Design for Learning at the Association for Learning Technologies Annual Conference.


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Lindsey Dinneen has 10+ years of leadership experience in multiple areas of marketing and business across medtech, education, performing arts, fitness, start-ups, B2B services, hospitality, and event management. As a professional ballerina, Lindsey founded and successfully ran a nonprofit professional dance company and a brick-and-mortar dance studio. She has been featured for her expertise and experience more than 30 times in publications including Authority Magazine, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and Thrive Global. She champions wellness through her online dance, stretching, and mindfulness courses, and serves as a consultant and fractional leader. Lindsey holds an MS in Management & Leadership and an MBA.