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This week’s guests are Jo Royce. Jo is an accomplished leader with deep expertise in brand-building, organisational change, culture and professional development - adept at leadership, building culture and delivering creative and innovative solutions.  Jo has led, managed, coached and trained numerous executives,  teams, graduates and interns.   She is a huge advocate for DE&I, sustainability and triple-bottom-line business strategy.   Jo lives in Buckinghamshire, with her husband, 2 kids, small furry hound and an oversized trainer collection.


April Petrey is not just a seasoned Learning and Development (L&D) leader with over 20 years of experience; she's a transformative force in the field. As the founder of Allonsy Innovation, LLC, she's renowned for injecting strategic acumen and creative energy into the startup and venture capital worlds. Known for turning minimal initiatives into major impacts, April embodies the essence of impactful learning - significant growth from focused inputs.

Her L&D journey is marked by significant roles in both mature companies and dynamic startups. April's passion lies in creating learning environments that do more than meet standards; they revolutionise how individuals and organisations develop and grow.

Distinguished for her ability to mentor leadership teams and influence executive decisions, April is more than a strategist; she's a visionary. Her talent in identifying organisational needs and developing scalable learning programs has established her as an invaluable asset in any context.

Away from her professional endeavours, April finds joy in playing board games with her daughters, delving into hand embroidery, enjoying a good read, and spending time with her pets, Pippin the dog and Oliver the orange cat.

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