Warfare / The SS Officer's Armchair: Uncovering a Nazi

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Episode notes

This episode is all about Robert Griesinger. ‘Who?’ you ask. The name means nothing to most, yet his was a life which impacted upon so many, and was mirrored by many more. Robert Griesinger was a German lawyer, senior civil servant and SS officer. Like many of his rank, his life and contribution to the horrifying events of 1930s and ‘40s Europe had been lost to time and to the destruction of files … until, that is, a second hand armchair was taken to be reupholstered. The chair had been used as a hiding place for Griesinger’s personal documents, and these were the starting point for Dr Daniel Lee’s study into the life, work, beliefs and death of an ‘ordinary’ Nazi. Listen as Daniel - a Senior Lecturer in Modern French History at the Queen Mary University of London - leads us through his discoveries, which include not only Griesinger’s family, but also his own.  

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