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Anchor is Changing Course

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The Anchor voyage is heading in a new direction.

Anchor has announced they will no longer distribute new podcasts to Apple podcasts and they will not automatically generate RSS feeds for new shows hosted on the platform.

Here's a little background; prior to Spotify acquiring Anchor one of the biggest selling points that Anchor used to bring in new podcasters, was that podcasters didn't need to worry about the hassle of submitting their shows to all the major podcasting directories (like Apple Podcasts).

In the past, Anchor pledged to take care of this grueling process for you, behind-the-scenes, and submitted your show to Apple podcast with a randomly-generated email address that was hosted on the Anchor domain.

Well all that is changing! Anchor is no longer going to submit new shows to the Apple podcast directory. Podcasters will be provided instructions on how to do this on their own. 

Read the blog post announcement from CEO Mike Mignano

More about Anchor from James Cridland at Podnews

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