The First Mile

S1 Ep3: First Dispatch from Nepal: Trekking, Sustainable Travel, and the Ethics of Photography.

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Episode notes

  • Season 1 Episode 3: First Dispatch from Nepal: Trekking

An episode that's perfect for armchair travellers, as we join Ash Bhardwaj on a photographic trip to Nepal for our first narrative travel dispatch episode.

Join Ash as he treks high into the Annapurna mountain range, encounters tea houses, and shares some of the amazing stories and people he came across. This episode delves into the ethics of tourism and how we can all travel a little better... 

In this episode, find out about:

  • Just what makes the Annapurna region of Nepal so special.
  • The diversity of Nepal’s landscape and the flora and fauna.
  • Teahouse culture.
  • Deforestation and eco tourism.
  • The drivers of tourism to Nepal.
  • Traditional dancing and music.
  • The ethics and pitfalls of travel photography.

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