The First Mile

Ep6: Ash Bhardwaj on Adventure With Purpose and Becoming a Travel Journalist.

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Episode notes

How can you travel the world and get paid for it? Ash Bhardwaj is a travel writer and storyteller - and also co-host of The First Mile. He’s reported from around the world for global broadcasters such as the BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4, has a monthly travel column in the Daily Telegraph newspaper, and has made films for Channel 4, Discovery and the BBC.

In this special episode, Pip interviews her co-host about launching and sustaining career in adventure travel. If you want to travel with purpose, or make a living out of travel, this is the episode for you.

In this episode, find out:

  • How Ash got into travel journalism.
  • Why Ash was a terrible cowboy.
  • How a trip to India to take his Dad’s ashes back shaped his curiosity for travel journalism and travel with purpose.
  • Ash’s steps to achieving in any industry - skills, network and portfolio.
  • How to network.
  • Why you should say yes to opportunities.
  • Why you should just keep turning up.
  • Why travelling with purpose enhances your travel experiences.
  • The importance of managing your mental health.

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