The Function Call / 33 - Progressive Enhance Forms With JavaScript

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Episode notes

Do you like progress? Well too bad because we’re using 90s technology until otherwise required!

In the episode, Austin schools Grant on why building forms to work with and without JavaScript matters, how you can do it, and some tips and tricks if you want to do it yourself. It’s one of those technical deep dive episodes that we like to mix in here and there and we get into native behavior vs JS, accessibility, UX, and more. We hope you enjoy.


  • Why it matters
  • Default behavior
  • Validation
    • Validity API
    • Different types of inputs
  • Accessibility
  • UX improvement
  • Backend
    • Detecting native vs fetch requests


Shout outs:

  • Grant - Cloud/Lambda/Serverless functions.
  • Austin - Costco
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