The Other Blue Pill

By QueerAF

Have you heard about The Other Blue Pill?  No, not the one that makes folks - you know (grow). The other one that has revolutionised how people have sex. It’s been a crucial part of ending HIV and is helping people take control of their health too – PrEP. 

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, it prevents HIV by taking a pill before and after sex. It’s available on the NHS in the UK for free now, but to make this happen was a historic battle that many people don’t know. 

Meanwhile, around the world, and even in the UK - access to PrEP is far from universal but what is holding us back? What is stopping marginalised people from getting the healthcare they need and deserve? And crucially, what lessons can we all learn from the fight to get it for free on the NHS?

There is a whole movement of people taking this other blue pill and taking ownership of their health. Let’s understand the history to work out: where do we go in the future?

The Other Blue Pill is the phenomenal story of the battle for access to HIV prevention drugs in the UK, told in six parts by the health professionals, activists, and researchers who fought for it alongside stories from the PrEP generation. 

Hosted by Phil Samba, it is a QueerAF production for The Love Tank.

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