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Can Women Thrive in Male-Dominated Trades? Feat. Louise Azzopardi

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Learn how to navigate and overcome biases in mechanics industry

The mechanics industry is usually male-dominated, but I see many women entering it now. They're not just breaking barriers but smashing them with a sledgehammer and building pathways for other women to follow and break industry norms. These challenges can ignite a passion, leading to significant personal and professional growth.

Louise Azzopardi brings an extraordinary blend of grit, talent, and insight to our conversation. She is a respected figure in heavy vehicle mechanics, a passionate life coach, a keynote speaker, and an industrial ambassador. Currently leading her company, Louise Azzopardi Training and Development Solutions, she uses her platform to mentor women navigating similar challenging professional landscapes, promoting resilience and equality in the workforce. Together, we explore how real-world experiences shaped her personal and professional growth and how she's passing these lessons on through her coaching.

Key Takeaways:

  • Confront gender stereotypes and highlight the pervasive biases in technical fields.
  • Mentorship from a fellow female mechanic was key to career growth.
  • The significance of real-world experience and resilience in personal and career development.
  • Coaching is centred on aligning one's self-perception with the external challenges they encounter.
  • Conducts workshops to create supportive environments in male-dominated industries.
  • Provides scholarships to broaden coaching access for more women.
  • Demonstrate dedication to foster change and support within the trades.

All this and more, on this week’s episode of The ToolShed.

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