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Little Dome: October 1999 (What Everyone Should Know About The Millennium Bug, the Rugby World Cup and the London Eye)

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Episode notes

It's a Xennial-themed look-back at another October (contrary to what we said at the end of the last podcast where we were clearly jonesing for a November - sorry!)

But not to worry - October 1999 is an absolute belter. Y2K is so close you can taste it - so Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears are finding out what every patriotic British citizen is supposed to do to mark the event (worry about the Millennium Bug so much you head-off to sea, it turns out).

I guarantee that once you have listened to this episode you will want to download your own copy of 1999's seminal publication What Everyone Should Know About The Millennium Bug. Esyllt is going to write to the address at the back and ask for a welsh language copy.

If you have a hard copy of this publication - or spent January 1st 2000 at sea - do let us know at [email protected]:

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