This is The End: Pop Culture & Collapse

What is the Role of Music Amid Collapse? (w/ 4 Musicians From Around the World)

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Episode notes

In this episode I interviewed four amazingly talented songwriters from the U.S., Germany, and Brazil who have written music on the subject of collapse, and who discuss what they feel are the important roles and value of music, and of art in general, amid the current societal turmoil and the many risks of collapse. LINKS


My “Collapse Challenge” on FAWM

(February Album Writing Month)


You can find all of the “Collapse Challenge” songs here:


Beto (@elesimo on FAWM)


“How Does it Feel?”


Deirdre (@wylddandelyon on FAWM)


“Steel Skeletons of the Past”

Mike (@mikeskliar on FAWM)


“Interesting Times”


Robert (@ampersandman on FAWM)


“The Lie”



Opening quote courtesy of:


Sunfire Carl B (@sunfire on FAWM)


“The Collapse”

Outro courtesy of:


The Jelly Factory (@cts on FAWM)


“Star Ark”

(co-written w/ the Pop Mythologist)