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Episode notes

Time & Again lifts the lid on the hidden world of UK youth crime, doing time, and going straight.

Each episode features a young man’s journey in their own powerful words: a fresh and searingly honest glimpse into the lives of young Londoners who have been to prison and defied the odds upon release.

How does it feel to come of age in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods? What really drives inner city crime? What’s it like being released from jail with nothing? We hear a lot about these issues but we hardly ever hear from the people with the best insight of all: young prison leavers themselves. Time & Again flips the script.

All men have all been supported by award-winning rehabilitation charity Switchback. Find out more: www.switchback.org.uk | @switchback_ldn.

Production: Jack Suddaby/Beautiful Strangers and Switchback.
Interviews, Sound Design and Editing: Jack Suddaby.
Artwork: @tinuke.illustration