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TFMR: 3rd Trimester Loss & Pregnancy After Loss

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Episode notes

Hello! Welcome to today's episode. It is Pregnancy After Loss Awareness month and so we are pleased to bring you Susan's story.

Susan tells us about her experiences of a third trimester TFMR and pregnancy after loss. These are two subjects we know many of you have been waiting to hear more about.

Most TFMRs happen in the second trimester, usually after the anomaly scan at approximately 20 weeks gestation. However, when what is picked up isn't clear and further tests are needed, this can take women into the third trimester. Or, there are times, as in Susan's case, a problem is detected much later in pregnancy during what is meant to be a routine scan.

At 36 weeks pregnant, Susan was told that their second daughter had a severe skeletal disorder.

Susan has since gone on to have another daughter, and she speaks about the impact of her TFMR on her subsequent pregnancy.

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