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Toastcaster 157: New Year’s Resolutions Not Working, Try Naming Your Year - Dave Fuller

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Episode notes

[25:28] Resolutions for many just don't seem to work but our guest today, Dave Fuller uses "Naming Your Year" as a method to accomplish what resolutions are meant to do.

In this episode Dave shares how he stumbled upon this method; what it does and how it works. You'll hear how puts it into practice at home, at the office for both himself, his team and his clients and learn how you can implement it for yourself.  You'll also hear about how Naming can also help achieve goals and how Dave uses this to help focus on a 12-week planning method.

David (Dave) Fuller MBA, is an award-winning business coach and a partner in Pivotleader Inc. and the Author of Profit Yourself Healthy

You can also read Dave's article at Troy Media, New Year's Resolutions are out, naming the year us in, at Troy Media. 

Email him at Dave AT Dave would love to hear what you named your year.