Tourpreneur / Why I decided to join Redeam and why it's good news for Tourpreneur

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Tourpreneur host and founder Shane Whaley shares why he has decided to join as VP of Sales and why this is good news for Tourpreneur listeners.

Passionate sales leader known for implementing global business development, growth, and strategies focused on driving revenue and increasing market share joins rapidly growing travel technology company


Broomfield, CO (May 3, 2021) – Redeam, the leading and only independent global connectivity stack with digitized channel management and touchless voucher redemption/reconciliation solutions for the Experiences and Things To Do industry, today announced that highly respected, long-time travel industry veteran and Tourpreneur publisher Shane Whaley will be joining the company as VP Sales. Whaley, a personal brand unto his own right, brings a deep, nearly 20-year legacy of selling digital travel solutions, for online hotel booking and online travel agency (OTA) websites, most recently with GetYourGuide before embarking on his own entrepreneurial endeavor with Tourpreneur. Whaley, known for his success building sales teams and his personalized problem-solving approach, joins Redeam to help operators grow sales and improve operational efficiencies through Redeam’s middleware SaaS solutions. Whaley will continue to nurture and publish Tourpreneur as its own independent business.

“I love what I have built with Tourpreneur, but I miss the camaraderie of a team,” said Whaley. “What I so admire about Redeam and am excited to join is the thriving culture Redeam’s CEO Melanie Meador has built. I’ve watched Redeam’s product evolution and see the kind of industry problems they’re solving. Redeam is making a real difference in the Experiences industry, and I can’t wait to contribute directly to that.”

“I honestly could not pass up an opportunity to work more directly with Shane, whose work and spirit I so admire,” said Redeam CEO Meador. “Shane understands the struggles of small and large operators alike, the fragmented nature of our industry sector, and the value Redeam’s connectivity, distribution, and improved customer experience brings. Shane is going to achieve great things here at Redeam, and we all welcome him with open arms.”

To learn more about how tour, attraction, and activity operators rely on Redeam to easily automate their businesses so that they can sell more tickets around the world, visit the Redeam website.