Travel Goals Podcast / How to add nature and outdoor adventure to your travels with Linda Ballou

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Episode notes

Do you want to connect with nature and have more adventure when you travel and close to home? On this episode, we discuss how to add nature and outdoor experiences to your travels with travel writer and outdoor lover, Linda Ballou. Discover how nature, adventure and getting outdoors can enhance your travels. Also, learn how to inject some local, outdoor living into your life, even when you're at home

Linda is a California based travel writer and published author who loves the outdoors. When Linda isn’t busy river rafting, hiking or horseback riding she is writing about her exciting experiences. Her articles regularly appear in Go World, Real Travel Adventures and in her Boomer Column on

On this episode, Linda discusses how you can incorporate nature and outdoor experiences into your travels and how to have micro adventures close to home.

We also chat about her favourite journeys and about her published works including her two novels and her latest offering Get Great Trips for Free, that provides a road map for travel writer wannabes.