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Ep. 10 - Pittsburgh special - steel, sandwiches, sports, space & Ulster-Scots

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Episode notes

Go Yinzers! We devote this episode to Pittsburgh, PA, a.k.a. Steel City Pennsylvania. 

After Andrea's fab visit there in Spring 2022 we knew we had to deep dive into this fantastic place, with our usual Where In The World brain-teaser (clue: the answer is not Pittsburgh) and a departure lounge chat with the fact- and fun-filled Corrie from Walk The Burgh Tours. 

Our Top 5 this episode is devoted to Only in Pittsburgh attractions - its 446 bridges; the Moonshot Museum; Wigle Whisky; the Andy Warhol Museum and the famous Primanti Bros. sandwiches. And we do all this while sipping on two of the city's famous libations, Engine House 25 wine and the aforementioned Wigle Whisky, because, well, who wouldn't? 

We learn that Andrew Carnegie seems to have named many of Pittsburgh's attractions after himself (well, he did pay for them, after all) and we discover the fascinating Ulster-Scots / Scots-Irish history and language of the city, and wider Pennsylvania area in general.  

Andrea also keeps up the TIYP podcast tradition of totally mis-pronouncing proper nouns and so, apologies the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers! 

Thank you to everyone at Visit Pittsburgh - do visit them online to find out exactly why your next trip should there: And finally, thank you to all the Yinzers Andrea met on her trip - you are the friendliest, most helpful and fun bunch of people!  

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Thanks, as always, to our good friends from the band 3D Shark, who provide our theme tune. If we plug them enough, we hope that one day they'll get into the charts and buy us a pint. 

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