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The Tony Spencer Story (Part 4 of 4) - Operation Downpour and the end of the road

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Episode notes

Eventually Tony is released to the UK but the police are on to him, he is once again the subject of police surveillance. He goes to ground, he puts together a gang of ‘misfits’, a prison governor, a boxer, a banker and others. But the police have set up an operation to catch Tony and his accomplices. 

The story is familiar, but how does it all end? Is there an inevitability to it? A well respected barrister who defended Tony at some of his trials gives his thoughts on the man that he knew, a rare insight into the professional relationship that a lawyer and client have. 

The story has been told in these episodes, largely by Jason, Tony’s youngest son, the author of ‘The Old Man and Me’. But what does he make of the life his father lived? How has the family been affected by Tony’s criminality? And what can he now do to help the forgotten children of those people who commit crime and are incarcerated as a result.


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