Trump lost! What now?

35. Ivanka or Don Jr: who's best placed to replace Trump?

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Episode notes

“Could she run in 2024? Could they go for that absolute catnip … one of them back in the White House and the first woman to boot.”

Emma Murphy lays out a compelling case for Ivanka Trump winning the family battle to follow in her father’s footsteps are run for the presidency - but is one of her brothers the more likely heir apparent?

Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz join that debate as Daniel Hewitt and the team react to the clear and surprising signs of public endorsement for a future Trump dynasty.

Our own political prodigy Fred Dimbleby returns to explain how the Trump offspring rate for social media profiles before getting a little sidetracked by Joe Biden’s archaic choice of punctuation. 

Plus, after an inspiring visit to Cape Canaveral, Robert and the team discuss the merits of getting away from the hostile world of politics to explore life on a whole other planet.