Trump lost! What now?

33. Fresh shocks at the Senate trial but what's sparked Trump's private anger?

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"Most lawyers have deserted him and I think that explains the desperately poor calibre of his current legal team."

With Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial well underway, Robert Moore gives insight from Florida on why the former president will have been so enraged while watching on TV.

Meanwhile, Emma Murphy updates Daniel Hewitt and the team on the standout moments so far from the trial - before getting a proper Trumpian view from one of his most vocal public supporters.

Jeffrey Lord served as an adviser to Ronald Reagan and now explains to Trump Lost: What Now? why Trump's political future looks strong despite his ignominious exit from office.

Plus, former White House insider Laura Schwartz shares an emotional reaction to the impact of the trial before some fun and games as the team choose their preferred animal Zoom filter while discussing Texas lawyer Rod Ponton's very public kitten mishap.