Trump lost! What now?

28. What now after Donald Trump's repeat impeachment?

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Episode notes

"I thought it was a hostage video. I mean the guy was sitting there reading word for word what was on the teleprompter..."

Having guided Bill Clinton through an impeachment, Laura Schwartz offers an expert voice on why Donald Trump struck a different tone in a televised statement a week on from the US Capitol riots.

After his central role in reporting those notorious events, Robert Moore shares his analysis on what the impending trial of Trump means for America just days before the Joe Biden inauguration and whether Republicans will now turn against the outgoing president.

Meanwhile, Daniel Hewitt delves into the fallout of the Capitol riots as our Global Security Editor Rohit Kachroo and producer Sophie Alexander explain why messages shared between the Trump base totally undermine authorities' claims that the mob's attack was a surprise.

And finally, our digital analyst Fred Dimbleby gets his teeth into Trump's social media ban and is put on the spot to determine whether he too would have axed the president had he been in the power boardroom.