Trump lost! What now?

27. Inside the Washington siege - Robert Moore on his report that shocked the world

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"They are not anarchists. They're not - in their view - trying to tear down the Republic. They're trying to save it... It was the logical conclusion of where the Trump movement has been going for several years."

Having been the only reporter on the frontline of the most shocking political unrest in modern US history, Robert Moore now analyses the uprising that ITV News cameras brought to the world.

He is joined by his producer Sophie Alexander and cameraman Mark Davey to tell Daniel Hewitt how they became the only crew to broadcast the siege of Washington's Capitol building alongside the Trump supporters who broke into the heart of their nation's power base to prevent Joe Biden's victory being certified in Congress.

Former White House staffer Laura Schwartz then offers a remarkable emotional reaction to this most brazen assault on democracy before Fred Dimbleby outlines the defining role Q Anon conspiracy theorists played in the astonishing bid to keep Trump in the White House.