Trump lost! What now?

32. How will Trump's new clumsy-spelling lawyers defend him in the Senate trial?

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Episode notes

"Nobody could quite understand how he had this lavish lifestyle, two lavish wives, was throwing these big parties... it was high rolling in a high society world."

US Correspondent Emma Murphy explains to Daniel Hewitt why a disgraced playboy politician from more than a century ago may prove critical to the impeachment trial against Donald Trump.

In this Senate trial preview, Robert Moore outlines the cases set to be argued for and against the former president - while former White House insider Laura Schwartz points out why the Trump legal team's thin brief could have benefitted from a better spell checker.

The team also discuss why the easy win of reuniting Mexico border children with their families could in fact be a tricky topic amid Joe Biden's flurry of executive orders, before our digital detective Fred Dimbleby dazzles everyone with a surprising comparison between the new president's Twitter use and Donald Trump's in their first days in the Oval Office.