Trump lost! What now?

29. How will Biden's odd Inauguration play out without Trump? (with Tom Bradby)

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Episode notes

"This city is like the Green Zone in Baghdad. It's ominous here, it's eerie, it's disturbing, unsettling... It feels different from any other Inauguration."

Robert Moore previews the challenge facing Joe Biden as the president-elect prepares to be sworn into office in a heavily-guarded Washington, DC still reeling from the recent US Capitol siege by Donald Trump's supporters.

After guiding you through a whistle-stop Inauguration history, Daniel Hewitt catches up with Tom Bradby to geek out on landmark political speeches as the News At Ten host prepares to guide the ITV coverage of the historic day - including Biden's high-pressure Inaugural address - alongside Robert for President Biden: The Inauguration on Wednesday. (Coverage begins at 4pm).

Plus, as ever, Laura Schwartz shares compelling personal insights as she recalls the two very different perspectives from which she witnessed Bill Clinton's Inaugurations - before she picks a song for the traditional evening ball as Robert shares an insight into his unusual dancing style.