Trump lost! What now?

36. Trump's big speech, Dolly sings to anti-vaxxers plus Harry and Meghan

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Episode notes

“Who knows? I may even decide to beat them for a third time.”

Fresh from flying down to Florida, US Correspondent Emma Murphy reflects from LA with Robert Moore in Washington and host Daniel Hewitt in London on the key extracts from Donald Trump's big speech in Orlando.

Robert explains why the Sunshine State address at the CPAC conference has left the Republicans in a state of deep freeze, while Emma shares some remarkable statements from some Trump loyalists on why their home state is now resembling Nazi Germany.

Also on the episode, Daniel explains - to the dismay of Emma - why he's no fan of Dolly Parton’s singing shot at convincing America’s vaccine doubters to get the jab, before Robert reacts to the FBI's latest defence of its role in stopping the January Capitol attacks.

Plus the team take a leaf out of The Royal Rota's podcast book and discuss Harry and Meghan's impending Oprah chat, their shared choice of classic English tea (other perfectly good brands are available) and Robert draws on his hidden heritage to finally settle the jam/cream scone debate.