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Trust Elevates Performance

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Episode notes

Today's guests are Deloitte's Michael Bondar and Natasha Buckley. Michael is a principal in Deloitte's Advisory Business and the US and global leader of Deloitte's Enterprise Trust Practice. Natasha is a senior manager at the Deloitte Centre for Integrated Research. Trust drives enterprise performance and mitigates risk. Trust elevates customer and brand loyalty, which can increase revenue. It enhances levels of workforce engagement, which can result in increased productivity and workforce retention. They talk about the old adage that you can only manage what you can measure and how Deloitte measures trust to help clients make strategic decisions. Natasha and Michael also talk about how specific operating areas like superior customer service delivering innovative solutions or protecting customer data significantly elevate trust in a brand leading to higher performance. We talk about digital engagement and digital transformation and why they are key drivers of trust. About A.I. and how it can help to validate information accuracy. How trust across different stakeholder groups can be maintained and the trust challenges that lay ahead.